A plentiful life is one that is shared with others.

Experience the transforming power of giving.

What is Plentishare?

Plentishare is a charity focusing on short-term projects around the world that fulfill concrete needs. When we reach each project’s goal, we will move on to a new project.
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We aim to show how giving can transform both the giver and the receiver. By making real impact in the needs around you, your world expands and your joy increases. Abundance is more than money: the spirit of sharing in a global context can make a true difference in your own life and that of others.

Even small donations can have a big impact. You might offer a one-time gift, or, to see more truly the transforming power of giving, consider an ongoing monthly contribution. How about a euro a day? Or the price of a coffee a day?

We can work together to alleviate suffering and bring joy.

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Would you like to commit to an ongoing monthly donation? You can easily set up a recurring transfer to offer continuous support to the projects of Plentishare.

95% of your donation goes to our current highlighted project, 5% to administration costs. If the current project is funded, the rest of your donation will go to the next selected project.

Giving is living