Giving is living

About Plentishare

We see so much need in the world. Indeed, maybe you yourself are living in the most challenged parts of the globe, or you may know firsthand what it means to experience the lack of basic necessities. We desire to help meet such needs in concrete ways, to support small projects that can have lasting, life-changing impact.

Plentishare is a charity focusing on short-term projects around the world to fulfill concrete needs. When we reach each project’s goal, we will move on to a new project.

What makes us perhaps stand out from many other crowdfunding sites is that we focus not only on the projects we want to support, but we also care a lot about those that make donations. We encourage people, whether your purse is small or big, to get actively involved in these worthy humanitarian efforts. Please give whatever is easy and manageable for you. Even a small amount of money can help these needy people in big and important ways.

Our details

Plentishare vzw
Leuven, Belgium
KBO: 0477.451.816
IBAN: BE68 0013 7271 8334

The Plentishare Team

Rob van den Heuvel

Hendrick Ederveen

Helene Jouwena-Fischer
Mobile: +32.473.53.62.10

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