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Food Parcels for Orphanages & Schools

We wish to collect money to buy food for all of the orphanages and schools that we have supported.
– Orphanage Home in India
– Orphanage Home in Nepal
– Orrecc School in Kimilili
– 2 Schools in the Slums of Nairobi

We are all affected by the Coronavirus Crisis. Fortunately many of us live in a place, where the government helps in times of crises; however, poor people in poor countries will not get any support. That is why we strongly desire to help disadvantaged people, especially our little friends in those orphanages and schools.

Our budget for this project: 5 x 500 Euro = 2500.00 Euro

Watch a Video and view a Photo Gallery to see this important project in action. Thank you very much for your consideration in supporting these wonderful people and communities.
–The Plentishare Team

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Watch a Video

Your donations can help to enrich needy communities, such as the ORRECC School in Kimilili.

Bank account
BE68 0013 7271 8334
CH12 0900 0000 1402 7289 1
Or with paypal/credit card through our…

Posted by Plentishare on Sunday, May 3, 2020


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Photo Gallery

Food Parcels for Orphanages and Schools

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