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Update on the ORRECC Christian School Project in Kenya

(as of October 1, 2019)

As mentioned on the main Projects page, we were able to complete the “School building” aspect the ORRECC Christian School Project in Kenya. You helped us to raise 7,000 euro for the school improvements, which has been a great blessing to this community of orphans, children and families in Kenya.

We are now embarking on 2 more projects for the ORRECC Christian School in Kenya: 1) the “Beds” project, and 2) the “Shower” project.

This has been Plentishare’s biggest project so far, and your important donations have made a big impact in that little, poor society. The school is mainly for orphans and children from poor families. Unfortunately more and more kids have either no more place to call home or refuse to go home, because of domestic violence, like beatings and rape. They are now sleeping in the old school building, which is made out of mud. Some children have mattresses, but not all of them.  Plentishare has started a crowdfunding program to finance beds, mattresses, blankets and mosquito nets. The local community are the one who make the beds themselves. We support them by buying the materials (trees, etc). The school has the government’s approval.

Budget for the Beds:

  • 25 bunk beds x 40 Euro = 1000 Euro
  • 50 mattresses, blankets, mosquito nets x 15 Euro = 750 Euro
  • unexpected costs = 100 Euro
  • Total = 1850 Euro

Budget for the showers:

We would also like to help them to put up two showers. One for the boys and another one for the girls.
The budget for the shower project is: 1200 Euro.

On behalf of the orphans, children, and families in this community, we thank you for your generous and meaningful support!

About This Project

The ORRECC Christian School is mainly for orphans and very poor children in rural western Kenya. It is a diverse school, serving slightly over 300 children. Ninety-five percent (95%) of the children learn for free. The school provides not just a good education, but also lunch (boiled beans and corn).

Plentishare would like to finance new classrooms. The current ones are in very bad condition. They are made out of mud, are unhygienic; therefore, the children and everyone else are exposed a lot of bugs like fleas and critters, such as vermin. Please help us to give these people a better quality of life and education.

The school is registered with the ministry of Education in Kenya.

For 7000 euro, we can give this needy community a safe and strong building, which can help these children and teachers prosper.

These children would greatly appreciate your support. Thank you very much for considering this important project.

Watch a Video about ORRECC Schools in Kenya

ORRECC Schools in Kenya