New Beds to Furnish a Home for Children in Nepal

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Many prisoners in Nepal are very poor; they are completely rejected by society. If a prisoner’s spouse would remarry and start a new family, the children of the first marriage would often not be accepted and become outcasts. Consequently, the children of prisoners end up in pitiful conditions. In many cases, they are totally rejected and abandoned. So most of the children stay with their parents in prison.

International Prison Fellowship has therefore opened a house to give many of these children a place to call home. They can go to school and live in a family environment.

Plentishare would like to collect money to repair the beds for these children, which includes providing them with new mattresses, blankets, bed sheets, and towels.

This project costs 2680 euro.

Getting good sleep is a necessity that most people take for granted. For some of these children, going to bed at night means sleeping in old and broken beds. Will you help us to improve the lives of these children of prisoners in that peace-loving home in Nepal?

These children would greatly appreciate your support. Thank you very much for considering this important project.