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Phereni Primary School Project in Malawi

Education continues to be a way out of poverty.

Our partner in Malawi bears a unique history of implementing an Orphan Care project in the Phereni community of the Lilongwe district. This approach has helped us in the last 10 years to reach 15 households with the program, whose main aim is to address the daily needs of the orphans, including the families that are taking care of these orphaned children. The theme of the project centers much on meeting the social needs of these children. It strongly focuses on education, which is the foundation of their bright future. The children need not only learning materials but also recreational materials, so that they can participate in outdoor games, such as soccer and netball.

Phereni Primary School is situated in Phereni Village, a part of greater Lilongwe. As a government primary school and a public facility, it receives the majority of its funding from the central government via the Ministry of Education. Like many primary schools in rural areas, Phereni Primary School suffers from a lack of sufficient learning materials and a conducive learning environment for pupils.

Project Justification

Phereni Primary School is a very important and necessary project. See Photo Gallery. Located in a semi-urban and under-developed area approximately 15 kilometres west of Lilongwe city, Phereni Primary School will provide necessary support for orphans to acquire an education and achieve their dreams. Death by HIV/AIDS threatens to rob these children of joy, as well as the love of their parents and the prospect of doing well in the future. This dire situation is further aggravated by the prevalence of poverty, high illiteracy levels, and preventable diseases, such as malaria. Please consider helping these underprivileged and vulnerable children, whose needs have become overwhelming to those who have already been trying to assist them. In most cases, these children are left in the hands of relatives, who are struggling to keep their own immediate families from starvation also. This project aims to reduce this burden—as much as possible, even on a small scale—by providing these children with the necessary means to continue their primary and secondary school education.

Project Objectives

  • To promote good educational foundation and basic support services to the orphans;
  • To promote volunteer work, community participation and ownership among the concerned communities;
  • To provide the orphans with good educational materials and other resources;
  • To promote cohesion, collective responsibility and love in the family, in the community and at every societal level, on the basis of equal opportunities and rights for all.

Target Group

  • 15 orphans of Phereni Primary School will be provided with school books, pens, school uniforms and school bags;
  • 15 school desks and chairs will be provided to Phereni Primary School: Many children still need essential furniture that is conducive to a good learning environment. Your gracious donations will help to provide desks and chairs, which is a positive contribution in the educational support of vulnerable children and orphans at Phereni Primary School.

The Process of Choosing Beneficiaries

Phereni Primary school already keeps a list of children who are orphans. Our partner in Malawi will assess the 15 students, who are the most vulnerable and needy in the program.

Proposed Budget for the Intervention

The project budget of € 2400 will provide school equipment and uniforms for 15 orphans.

Photo Gallery

Phereni Primary School in Malawi

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