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Helping Refugee Women and Children

Our newest project is about helping refugee women and children, in partnership with Gave Veste Belgium.

Among refugees, women with children belong to a vulnerable group. It is extremely difficult to care for children as a single parent. Mothers deal with much uncertainty during the asylum process; plus, they must acclimate to a foreign environment and raise their children in that new and different culture.

Consequently, we are offering refugee mothers and children the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing weekend in a special atmosphere, which also involves experiencing the Christian faith, and sometimes for the first time. All of the women who attend — whether Christian, Muslim, etc. — will enjoy getting pampered, which will be an extraordinary experience for them. The children love this event also and have “the time of their lives,” as it is similar to the experience of going to camp. See photos below.

Please consider giving refugee women and children the opportunity to enjoy a meaningful and exciting time of relaxation, learning, growth, and great encouragement.

Budget: € 1500
This amount includes the cost of location rent, meals, activities, etc.

Photo Gallery

Phereni Primary School in Malawi

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