School Uniforms for Children at the ORRECC Christian School in Kenya

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for Uniforms

The ORRECC Christian School is mainly for orphans and very poor children in rural western Kenya. It is a diverse school, serving slightly over 300 children. Ninety-five percent (95%) of the children learn for free. The school provides not just a good education, but also lunch (boiled beans and corn).

We are extremely grateful for all of our generous supporters, who have made gracious and life-giving contributions to enrich the lives of these disadvantaged children.

We now wish to provide school uniforms for the upper primary students, who attend the ORRECC Christian School. In Kenya, it is mandatory for students to wear uniforms, but nobody at the ORRECC School can afford to buy one. Many of the children in this school are also orphans and live either at the school or are given shelter by family members.

The mandatory wearing of school uniforms provides many advantages, including the promotion of equality, uniformity, oneness, communal identification, and an upbuilding sense of belonging, peace, and confidence that comes with wearing appropriate and attractive attire.

These children, who are already on the edge of society, can use all of that; they would greatly benefit from the positive experience of wearing school uniforms.

Budget for the school uniforms:

We wish to provide each needy student with 2 sets of uniforms. One uniform set includes:

  1. skirt, blouse (for girls)
    short pants, shirt (for boys)
  2. sweater
  3. socks
  4. shoes.

The blouse, skirt, shorts and shirts are being made by local seamstresses. Interestingly, one of them is a former student of the ORRECC School.

The cost for providing 2 sets of uniforms per student = 30 euro. We have identified 138 needy students, for whom we wish to provide school uniforms. Thus, our budget for this project is 30 euro X 138 students = 4,140 euro

Thank you very much for considering this important project.

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