Resettlement of a Syrian Refugee Family

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John and Mary once lived with their two children, ages four and one, in the flourishing neighborhood of Bab-al Sebaa in Homs, Syria. John worked there as a carpenter, earning a small salary, and they lived with his parents, with the hope of educating their children. Unfortunately their neighborhood was completely destroyed in the war, including their house and the local school.

John was forced to join Assad’s army in the “rocket department.” He left the army at great risk and fled to Lebanon in 2016. Mary and the children followed several weeks later. But living expenses in Lebanon are even more costly than in Belgium. John works in a small restaurant, and the children cannot go to school due to their illegal status. The children have no future to look forward to in Lebanon, and the family cannot return to Syria because John deserted the army.

With your donations, we have been able to help this family in their difficult situation; we have been helping the children to start a new future. The Belgian government has been cooperating by implementing an initiative to bring Syrian Christians into Belgium on a legal basis. This project aims to bring 150 Syrians to safety, one family at a time.

With your financial support, we have reached our goal. John and Mary and the kids will be starting a new life, full of opportunities in Belgium. Thank you very much for helping to make a tangible and lasting difference in the lives of these four Syrians!