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The Albesti Project

Poverty and Social Exclusion Hurts!

We all like to be accepted, welcomed and know we belong. For many of us, there is not a big question of how to get bread on the table daily or even have freedom to choose what we want or like when it comes to food or other things.

Children and families from Albesti Valley have been outside of society for generations. About 400 people are living there, mostly in mud houses, without drinking water and maybe 2 people who can read and write. None of the kids went to kindergarten and just a handful started school but dropped out after some weeks, month or couple of years (max). I met only one couple who were employed, working in the garbage company. This shows that it is difficult for people in this community to make their way into society by themselves.

After some good years of investment in this community, we are seeing life stirred up. We see hope growing and little giant baby steps moving forward. We want to support these steps.

Back when Metro Ministry started, they first showed the kids how to clean their hands and dirty faces. Then they learned to listen, speak and use paper, pencils, scissors and colours. The children were taught that they are loved and that they have gifts to share. These “simple” experiences may seem normal to many of us, but for some — such as for the Albesti community, the experiences of learning and going to school are exceptional. Thankfully, these children and their parents are starting to come alive inside.

By fall season 2020, we anticipate that 7 of the kids will start in kindergarten and 37 others in higher grades at school. They need everything, from socks to hats, from notebooks to watercolours and scissors. The schools in Romania provide only the books; everything else needs to be purchased by the family. For people in the Albesti Valley, who are fighting for their everyday existence, pursuing an education and purchasing school supplies seem beyond their imagination and abilities.

Let us support these families; let us help to ensure that the children have what they need to keep moving forward, especially in their education. In September 2019, everyone received one set of clothes and school materials for the first semester. In February 2020, we plan to buy a second set of clothes and shoes, as well school supplies for the second school semester.

The needed budget for one child is 124 euro.

Please help Plentishare reach the goal of helping 20 children, which amounts to 2480 euro.

We greatly appreciate you, your prayers and financial support for this important project.

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