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VZW BE YOU Container

The VZW BE YOU Container Project coaches young people, who are experiencing struggles in life. It offers activities and safe, relaxing moments for young people (from 12 years of age). The project began by welcoming participants in a caravan and a self-built football cage. Eventually the operation grew to the point of needing larger space: thus, the container rooms!

In particular we have been supporting young people in Ypres, a city in Belgium. We try to nurture their growth through our Christian vision of charity. VZW BE YOU is a special Department of the EJV.

Plentishare will participate in finding money to purchase the necessary furniture for the container rooms: furniture, interior design, interior paint, floor, etc.

Your financial contribution can provide the youth in Ypres a place to relax. The teaching of good Christian values will help them to learn how to be a happy, content and positive member of their community.

Price of that project: Euro 1075.

Deadline: 31.10.2018