“Warm Feet” for Children in Albesti, Romania

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Metro Ministries, located in Romania, has been working among the children and families from Roma communities since 1993. As a non-profit ministry, the vision is to reach out to the needy children and teens in order to give them hope in God’s love, as well help them integrate in society through education, social assistance, and support for school in different informal ways.

“Warm Feet” is one of the projects, which provides help during the cold winters. Around Christmas time the local team together with different volunteers visits different communities of poor Roma communities in order to give warm clothes, boots, and socks, which help the children to have, for example, “warm feet”. We reach out to about 5,000 children.

In order to help the families from the Albesti village, we need about 320 pair of boots. We visit each family and measure feet sizes for the children and parents. We give each one of them a pair of boots with socks and other warm clothes, which we have received as a donation.

The Albesti Valley Roma community is living in extreme poverty. The housing situation is very bad. Houses do not have running water or a sewage system. They have very little resources.

The income is based on social help, child allowance, and seasonal jobs. Winter is the hardest time since there are less such options to get income, and the temperatures drops down to -10C to -15 C. There are about 70 families living in this valley, which includes about 180 children.


  • The cost of boots with fur in “Ron” and “Euro” denominations (1 Euro = 4,5 Ron)
  • Size 20 to 35: 150 pairs x 18,50 Ron = 2.775 Ron
  • Size 36 to 41: 170 pairs x 23 Ron = 3.910 Ron
  • TOTAL COST = 6685 Ron or 1485 Euro

We would appreciate receiving donations until 20 December 2018. The project will be completed between the 27th and the 31st of December 2018.

Thank you very much for joining in helping these precious children and their families.