Well-Being of Female Students: Menstruation Health and Reusable Sanitary Pads

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Project Goal: to prevent female students from missing classes during their menstrual cycles. We will be providing an educational program and supplies (sanitary pads) to 400 girls at 2 pubic primary schools in the needy suburbs of Lilongwe West, Phereni, located in the country of Malawi, 1 school in Kimilili and 2 schools in the slums of Nairobi.

Project Budget: 4200 Euro

Project description:
Plentishare has helped the school in Phereni and the schools in Kenya already in different ways. We have helped to pay for school uniforms, school materials, and many desks.

While the people of this community have thankfully experienced a lot of improvement, they still face many challenges, especially in achieving quality education for all. We have identified difficult barriers for the girls. Menstruation issues adversely affect the school enrollment, attendance, and academic success of the female students. According to data from the Ministry of Education, menstruation issues can cause a girl to be absent from school 4 out of 28 days per month. We wish to help in solving these problems by providing good education and necessary supplies.

Through this project, Plentishare is partnering with a local mission to offer the following support:

  • provide menstrual health education to girls in schools
  • produce and distribute reusable sanitary pads so that girls can remain in school, even during their menstrual cycles.

Specifially, when we provide menstrual health education to 400 girls, we will also give each of them a pair of sanitary pads. One pad can be used in the morning and the other in the afternoon. We will also give each girl 2 tablets of laundry soap to facilitate the washing of the pads.

Project activities:

  • Train female school teachers in menstruation health education
  • Provide menstruation health education sessions for girls in school
  • Engage tailors
  • Produce and distribute sanitary pads
  • Distribute Covid 19 preventive materials to the teachers and other members of the community, who are involved in the project.

Your generous support will impact these female students in very important and far-reaching ways. Thank you very much for considering this project and providing support, if you can.

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